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Bubble charts and partial serialization (for more separation of concerns). Check out the updated downloads to try it out.

This is a work in progress. It doesn't support the serialization of all of the chart types and properties that ZingChart supports, yet. If you need some type or property and you don't know how to add it, leave a comment here and I'll see if I can include it in the next check in. Much thanks to ZingChart ( who produced such an amazing product and to Artix Entertainment for letting me publish this code as open source. ZingChart gives you a much better chart and much more control than other charts, like Google Chart. This API lets you generate the charts from ASP.NET.

Project Description
This is a .NET assembly that accepts key value pairs in the form of a dictionary object. It also allows you to set the properties needed for a ZingChart. It includes a ToJSON method that returns the appropriate JSON to rend either a Flash or HTML 5 version of ZingChart.

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